marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

Autumn and Winter Nail Art Challenge: 17. Penguin

 We are done with the autumn part of the challenge and enter into winter. Now I am wondering why it is so hot in Novermber, but meanwhile on my nails it is winter and a little penguin stays proud on them.

Am terminat partea de toamna din colaborare si am intrat in cea de iarna. Acum stau si ma intreb de ce este asa cald in noiembrie, dar intre timp pe unghiile mele este iarna si un mic pinguin sta mandru pe ele.
 I started with two layers of farmasi 124, a blue that I just love and then addes some desing with flormar 433 and golden rose nail art 120. On the other fingers I applied golden rose impression 06 and 09 and draw with acrilics some snow flakes and a penguin ready for Christmas.

Am inceput cu doua straturi de farmasi 124, un albastru care imi place tare mult si apoi am adaugat un model cu flormar 433 si golden rose nail art 120. Pe celelalte degete am aplicat golden rose impression 06 si 09 si am desenat cu acrilice niste fulgisori si un pinguin gata pentru Craciun.
Here are the themes/Acestea sunt temele:  

16. Pink, After Halloween 

 What do you think, are you more interested in the winter part of the challenge or in the autumn part?

Ce parere aveti, sunteti mai interesate de partea de iarna sau de toamna a colaborarii?

All the best,

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