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T.P.A. Group Challenge: 4. Inspired by a season

Today we have to be inspired by a season and I choose winter. I just made some designs for autumn, summer just passed and I spring is far away...so winter is next, I decided to do an early manicure. You can see in  the pictures that it is kind of cold in the house so I have thick clothes on me.

Astazi avem inspirat de un anotimp si eu am ales iarna. Tocmai am facut niste modele de toamna, vara tocmai a trecut si primavara e departe...asa ca iarna urmeaza, am decis sa fac o manichiura mai devreme.  Puteti vedea in poze ca e cam frig in casa si am ales niste haine mai groase.
For the base  I used a nail polish from Gabrini, new in my collection, a gorgeous blue that I just love.

Pentru nuanta de baza am folosit o oja de la Gabrini, noua in colectia mea, o nuanta superba de albastru care imi place mult.
 Nail polishes used/ Oje folosite:
-Flormar Supershine  U33
-Gabrini 3D 58
-Moyra 91
-Flormar 003
-Safari 29M

And a little blue rhinestone/Si o pietrica albastra mica( de pe Depozitul de Frumusete)
 The themes that follow/ Temele care urmeaza :
 1.Inspired by pop art
 2. Inspired by a flower

 What do you think about my manicure? What season you would have choose?

Ce parere aveti despre manichiura mea? Ce sezon ati fi ales voi?

All the best,

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