sâmbătă, 11 mai 2013

Challenge 17 : Tribal Print

I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy the newest post from the Challenge, Tribal Print. I must say that this print is not between my favorite ones, I have done this only once here.

Sper ca aveti un weekend frumos si ca va bucurati de noua postare din provocare, print tribal. Trebuie sa zic ca acest print nu este printre favoritele mele, am realizat acesta doar o data aici.

Nail polishes used/Oje folosite

-Rimmel 260 Funtime Fuschia
-Rimmel 440 Sun Downer
-Flormar 12
-Gabrini 341
-Gabrini N04

These time I tried a more colored model that I hope you like them and there are in theme.

Aceasta data am realizat un model mai colorat care sper sa va placa si sper ca sunt in tema.

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All the best,

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